Welcome to the Foundation for Economic Education’s electronic grant application system

This online service guides you to submit an application or a report concerning grants or scholarships already spent. To submit an electronic application or a report the applicant must sign up as a user of the grant application system. We recommend you to sign up with your personal email. The same login is used for both an application and a report. It is very important to read all the instructions carefully.

The 2020 application period is 1.6.-15.8. More information about the grant schedule and further application instructions are available on the Foundation for Economic Education website (www.lsr.fi/en/grants/).


Create a new application and fill in the forms required by the application system. You may add to, edit and print the information provided until the end of the application period. The application is submitted in the electronic grant application system where it is filled in, saved and sent in accordance with the instructions.

Please note that the application is completed only electronically.

Payment requests

The Foundation for Economic Education is gradually shifting towards the electronic grant payments also in commitments and payment schedule wishes. New grant receivers, as well as persons who have not yet begun to withdraw their grants, receive a code which will be used for payment requests. This does not apply to persons, who have already begun to withdraw their grants.

Grant report

The grant report is written, saved, and sent in accordance with the instructions and with the same user login as the application. Please fill in the forms carefully and submit the finished report electronically. No papers should be posted to the foundation’s office. An exception to electronic reporting is made in the case of printed publications, e.g. dissertations which still need to be delivered to the Foundation for Economic Education’s office (Museokatu 8 A 1, 00100 Helsinki).

With questions or inquiries concerning applications or reporting please contact the foundation’s office by email (apurahat@lsr.fi). In case of any technical problems with the electronic system, please contact the technical support (hakemustuki@datalink.fi).

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